Monday, October 6, 2008

Cav Wine Bar & Kitchen

Cav Wine Bar & Kitchen was the dinner club selection for September. I think there is quite a lot to be gleaned name - definitely a wine bar first and a "kitchen" second. Their wine list certainly lives up to the reputation. It was absolutely huge but well-organized by country. Given such a vast list to choose from, we opted to pare down by selecting a wine from a country we'd rarely find on a standard wine list. Who knew that an Israeli Syrah could be such a find? It was a Clos de Gat, Syrah, Har'El, 2005 and the highlight of our evening. We had a full meal of both the small and large plates and found the food to be uninspired, save the Crispy Pig Trotters which we all enjoyed. We topped off our meal with a selection of three cheeses. Cav serves up an impressive variety and Dawn ordered us the perfect combination of mild to sharp. They also offer a house-made charcuterie and cured meat selection that we'd like to explore someday.

The final consensus was that we'd go back for the wine and cheese. However, if it's tasty morsels you seek, dine elsewhere.

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